Welcome to Sage Studio!
An exploration of communication and expression through multimedia art and graphic design.

shortly about me

Photo of Setaj Ladd

Welcome to Sage Studio.

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Setaj Ladd but my English name is Sage, which is why my company is called Sage Studio.

I’m a graphic designer by trade which supports my art and photography. These are the three main components of this website that I would like to showcase. I find these forms of  media allow me to feed my creative curiosity about the world that surrounds me and the diverse range of clients and employers I have worked for.

I hope you enjoy what you see. Please leave a comment. I would love your feedback, which is why I create: to connect, inspire a thought, an idea and a reaction.


why me?

I absolutely unequivocally love visual expression.

As a graphic designer I get to problem-solve and implement ideas using creative solutions. I enjoy the creative design process working with different clients and media to spread a message. It allows my extrovert nature to come out and engage with an audience.
Typography, colour, layout, printing methodology as well as a budget all feed on my curiosity and ultimately turn a thought into a tangible solution. I’m also an optimist, open and friendly and happy to help people and make sure they are satisfied.

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